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MKIII ANH Hybrid Saber for Sale.  Sold 2-2-15

Check back periodically for more cool sabers!  I am listing more and more here as when I do so I can save eBay's exorbitant fees and I do indeed pass that on to the consumer.  In other words, I typically list sabers at about $50 less on my own site that I do on eBay.



***Make sure that you read my warranty, because in purchasing any of my sabers you are agreeing to it.***

 Updated 10-25-14


This is the first of the abandoned by client sabers that I am offering for sale.  I can't just sit on them forever and as I post each one, I will offer them for sale starting at what the client owes.  Each saber will have been abandoned with no contact from the client for at least 6 months (actually, all of them are at least a year) and I have sent repeated "pay or quit" notices.  This one is from just before I redesigned the MKIII, so it is the Parks designed version.  That means little since my redesign was mostly internal.  This one has a very nice BIN6 blue/BIN1 Cyan blade and "natural" weathering (very light)/worn look.  It does have the newer vented pommel.  A great feature is the 4000 mAh battery pack for epic run times.  All of the Abandoned sabers will be sold in "as-is" state.  They are not used, but they are pre-built. 


MKIII (ANH version) hilt

Crystal Shard v1

MKIII Optics Module

12W RGBW (SkyBlu/Cyan Blade and White FoC)

Triple-Baked Natural "light" weathering

3.7V (18650) 4000 mAh Li-ion battery pack (in-hilt recharge)

LDM 26mm HO speaker in Machined MKIII-specific Resonance

Offered at: $775 + Paypal + Shipping ($200 off).  Does not include a blade or charger, but I have them as needed.

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