LDM Custom Sabers

Artisan Custom Lighted Saber Props

Cane Sabers: (LS1, LS2, DS1, DS2)

These are Functional Canes for those who have the need.

Units Available for Commission as of 5-28-17:  15

Cane Saber Pricing Structure

Our Cane Sabers are made of 100% 6061 (so called "Aircraft grade") Aluminum.  The grips are powder coated in textured black.  The internal electronics are contained in a custom built Acetal Plastic sled for durability.  At this time, we are only offering sabers with boxes (to house the switch(es) and recharge port).  These canes  are made to be used.  The DS1 saber in the pictures (it has Pommel 2) has a clear acrylic blade while the LS1 (it has Pommel 1) has a thick polycarbonate blade.  The Polycarbonate blade is simply not sturdy enough to bear  users with more than 200# body weight, so for those who weigh more than 200#, you will need an acrylic blade.  The ordering process is outlined in steps 1-3 below.  We have also provided multiple pictures of a finished LS1 and DS1 so you don't have to just imagine from the renders.

***Lead time is 4-6 weeks from the day that the deposit is paid.

***Note:  Machining is included in the install cost.  Shipping and 4% PayPal fee will be added to your final bill.  If you weigh more than 200# you MUST choose the acrylic blade option.

  1. Start with a hilt model:


--Empty Hilt (LS1, LS2, DS1 or DS2--See Pix below)--Price: $265

--Pick a Pommel (Pommel 1 or Pommel 2--See Pix below)

2.  Then choose an electronics level:

CS1: (Soundless Cane Saber):

--3W solid color LED, alkaline battery holder--Price: $115

CS 2: (Cane Saber with Sound):

--A: Pico Crumble 1.x install, 3.7V Li-ion, 3W LED--Price: $265

--B: Pico Crumble 1.x install, FoC, 3.7V Li-ion, 9W RGB LED --Price: $325

3. Finally, Pick any Other items or options:

--Switch Box (2 non lighted AV switches) $55 or $85 (1 lighted switch and one non-lighted).  You MUST choose a box option.

--1" LDM Heavy Poly-C blades with boot- tip (only available for people weighing less than 200#: ($35). 

--1" LDM Colored Acrylic blade with boot- tip in: $135  (Red, Green, Blue) or $65 (clear), is required for people weighing greater than 200#: You MUST choose a blade (Poly-C or Acrylic).

--LDM Powder Coating of "Grooves":  Matte Black ($25) or Trans-Copper ($35).

--LDM Powder Coating of "Choke":  Matte Black ($15) or Trans-Copper ($25).

--Copper Mylar application to "Choke": ($15).

***NOTE 1 -  Make sure that you read my warranty and Policies, because in purchasing any of my sabers you are agreeing to them.***

***NOTE 2 - A shipping charge will be added to all sales.  A 4% online convenience fee will be added to all Paypal transactions
***NOTE 3 -  As with most of my sabers, a charger is not included with any trim level.  They are, however available.  The 3.7V Charger is $18.

***NOTE 4 -  I reserve the right to swap a Crystal Shard in lieu of a Pico Crumble at my discretion and at no extra charge.

To Order:

1.  Fill out a contact form at the bottom of this page to start the process, or...

2. Email me at [email protected]

Example of how to Order:

Real Name/Email Address: Billy Bob McFly / [email protected]

Level (and sub level): CS2--B

Cane Length (tip to curve): 35” please

Blade color and if Level B selected, FoC color?: Clear Acrylic/Purple

Extras (?): Matte black powder coating in the grooves, copper mylar on the choke and charger pretty please.

What Country do you live in?  Iceland

LS1 & LS2 Model Pictures/Renders:
LS1 Model with Pommel 1
LS2 Model with Pommel 1
LS1 Model with Pommel 2
LS2 Model with Pommel 2
DS1 Model Pictures/Renders:
DS1 Model with Pommel 1
DS1 Model with Pommel 2
DS2 Model Pictures/Renders:
DS2 Model with Pommel 1
DS2 Model with Pommel 2

DS2 Model with Pommel 2 and green blade

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