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"Circle of the Force" Custom Saber for Sale- listed 12-10-14

Check back periodically for more cool sabers!  I am listing more and more here as when I do so I can save eBay's exorbitant fees and I do indeed pass that on to the consumer.  In other words, I typically list sabers at about $50 less on my own site that I do on eBay.



***Make sure that you read my warranty, because in purchasing any of my sabers you are agreeing to it.***

 Updated 10-25-14


Summary and History:

This is a reimagining of one of my classic sabers.  Originally, it had a 'big-a$$ed" pommel.  It had to retain that.  The original sinktube shrouds had to stay.  The original choke and blade holder had to stay.  The screw/finial greeblies had to stay.  It had to have a box...the old one was plastic from the 616, so I wanted to junk it.  Color scheme was a sticking point.  I wanted to change it.  I wanted "gold" or brass, in this case.  But what went with it?  Did I take the tired and true road with black and gold?  That certainly would fit the era that this saber is from, but no.  I said I wanted it to be modern and better, so I settled on steel blue and gold.  It is AWESOME. 

I also love suspended things.  Suspended shrouds, and in this case, a suspended box.  The original saber was cutting edge, so this one had to have something cool at the very least.  I went for a hidden aux switch...hidden in plain sight that is.  The second button-head screw on the box is actually a spring actuated aux switch and it is trick (ahhh, the magic of 20 grand worth of machines, lol). 

Nothing on the saber was left aluminum colored.  Everything is PC'd in trans gold, blue steel or simply polished brass/steeled chrome.  The pommel I mentioned?  It is a full custom.  Made from an MHS blank and modeled loosely after Leia's pommel in the EU.  It sports a really cool solid brass Rebellion pommel insert that looks great next to a polished brass CT wheel.  A blue ring AV switch is also a classic cue that harkens to this sabers origins/contemporaries. 

Under the hood, she is replete with a shiny new CSv2.  Blade colors?  Not the original Green and TruPurple.  I wanted to make them a representation of what the saber is now. Sooo...how about steel blue and golden yellow?  RICE-mixed to foot the bill.  The FoC to go with the yellow is a great TruPurple as an homage to the original hilt.   She is bright, she is loud, she still is a color-changer and she has great gestural recognition.  Enjoy

The Particulars:

Circle of the Force re-machined hilt
Crystal Shard v2
9W RGB (SteelBlu/Golden Yellow blades, Ice/TruPurple FoC's)
3.7V Li-ion (18650, 2200 mAh)
Recharge/kill in Easy-Spin (real brass Rebellion insert)Custom-machined Pommel
Steel Blue and Trans Gold Powder Coating
Brass Covertech Wheel
H.I.P.S. Aux Switch
TCSS HO speaker holder w/LDM 28mm HO speaker
Original price was $855.50, deposit paid was $200. 

Therefore this saber is offered at the balance due of $655 + shipping + 4% paypal.
****This saber does not come with a blade or charger, but as always, they are available if needed.

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