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The TOR RSM continues the vaunted tradition of durability and quality established by the original Malakyte /51TH Commando saber line.  It employs the same double-choke architecture as the Original Malakyte and 51TH Commando PV sabers for awesome spin-ability.  The electronics are also installed in the exact same manner as in the Original Malakyte sabers to ensure extreme durability for those who wish to duel with some level of vigor.  All new color schemes are available as well as some oldies but goodies!

# Units available for Commission as of 9-7-17: 17

To Order, Send a webform (at bottom of page) or email to [email protected]

Please specify TOR RSM and your option choices.

TOR RSM Options List:

***Note: Machining is included in the install cost. Shipping and 4% paypal fee (4.5% International) will be added to your final bill.


1. First, choose an Appearance trim level (POC pictured below):

***Although the POC Version is pictured, you can go virtually any direction with these.  Any 

Malakyte or 51TH Commando version or a color scheme of your own!***

Clean: Clean silver (bare aluminum colored) Hilt: $0

Standard Issue: Black textured Powder coated grip section (grip section ONLY): $15

Classic Weathering: Black Enamel light weathering and clear coat of whole hilt: $38

Dark TOR RSM: Any In-stock color Powder Coated grip, choke and shroud: $38

Legacy Styles: For Oxidium™ Weathering or Black Chrome Weathered™: (varies): $65-$85


2. Second, choose and Electronics trim level (M2-1 to M2-5):

T2-1: (Soundless Stunt Saber): 

This level has no sound and includes: 3W LED (R, G, B, C, W, A, V), Pulolu latching to mom PCB, Custom optics/LED module and 2-3aa Alkaline Batt. Pk--Price: $185

T2-x: (Sound Fx Converted Saber): ***All new Sturdy printed chassis included!***

These are Fully Functional Light and sound Fx Sabers with Plecterlabs Soundboards!:

T2-2: Pico Crumble Sound (with 3.7V rechargeable battery pack and PicoV1.x) $295

T2-3: Crystal Shard Sound (with 3.7V rechargeable battery pack and CSv4.x) $330

T2-4: Petit Crouton PRIZM Sound (with 3.7V rechargeable battery pack & PCv5.x sound) $545

T2-5: Crystal Focus Sound(with 3.7V rechargeable battery pack & CFv9.x) $850


3.  Finally, Pick any Other items or options:

A: Flash on Clash. This means that the blade color changes to another color on impact: $35

B: LDM 12W RGBW Color Change Upgrade (any 3 of RGBW) (Level 5C2-3 through 5C2-5 ONLY): $60

C: Tri-Rebel/Cree RGB Color Change Upgrade (Level 5C2-3 through 5C2-5 ONLY): $75

D: Lighted Switch Upgrade (Choice of: R, G, B or W): $25

E: Faux Leather wrap grip (Color appropriate): $25

F: Covertec Wheel installation (Specify 3:00, 6:00 or 9:00 when looking from pommel end of saber): $12

G: Hidden Aux switch: $5

H: Aux Switch @180 degrees from Power switch (aka "in-hilt installation"): $20

 I:  1” OD LDM blade: $27 (round tip) or $33 (bullet tip)

J: 3.7V charger: $18



Stunt Saber (no sound) T2-1, Included Items: Will include saber with non-lighted 16 mm switch, 2 or 3 AAA battery holder (with Velcro strap).  This level also includes a 3W LED in any of the Standard colors (White, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Violet or Cyan). 

Saber (with sound) T2-2 to T2-5, Included Items: The Saber will include the following: Plecterlabs™ Sound, 3.7V Li-ion (In-Hilt recharge w/2.1mm Recharge/kill in pommel), LDM Vented Free-Spin Pommel insert™, Machined Resonance Chamber, HO Speaker, Basic Kill-key, non-lighted 16 mm switch. These levels also include a 3W LED in any of the Standard colors (White, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Violet or Cyan). 


Some Examples of Classic Color Schemes:

  In Oxidium and textured Faux Leather (Although the Pix are of a 51TH Commando, this option is also popular on the Malakyte & I expect it to be with TOR RSM's too!


SD Card access Tutorial Video (Series 1: 51TH Commando and Malakyte PV):


Black Chrome Weathered (The pictures are of a Dark Malakyte, but you can see how awesome this scheme is!)  

Examples of  Standard switch Color Options:

Switch color options: Silver

Switch color options: Red

Switch color options: Black

Switch color options: Gold

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51TH Commando, 51TH Commando PV, 51TH Commando 2.0, Malakyte, Oxidium Weathering and  Tactical Weathering are Trademarks of LDM Custom Sabers and may note be used without prior written permission of LDM Custom Sabers.

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